Health Brief No. 35: How Neighborhood Conditions Affect Our Health (March 2014)

Neighborhood security can affect your physical and mental health. The City of Flint offers programs that try to protect the health and safety of residents. Flint’s Blue Badge Patrol Volunteer Corps., for example, teaches residents how to improve both crime and quality of life issues. If you want to become a Flint Blue Badge Patrol Volunteer, you will need to attend a Blue Badge Training Session and pass a background check. The Genesee County Community Action Resource Department (GCCARD) also offers resources and programs dedicated to prevent poverty by developing employment opportunities and bettering conditions, under which people live, learn, and work.


The Speak To Your Health! Community Survey is a resource that provides information about how neighborhood conditions are associated with health outcomes in Genesee County. According to the 2011 survey:

  • 49% of Genesee County residents reported that they are satisfied with the quality of life in their neighborhood.
  • Although 49% of residents are satisfied with the quality of life in their neighborhood, 34% of Genesee County residents are somewhat fearful about the crime in their neighborhood.
  • Only 19% of residents suggest that someone in their household has been involved in a neighborhood cleanup, beautification project, or community garden project in the past 12 months to improve conditions of their neighborhood.
  • 14% of Genesee County residents have participated in a meeting of a block or neighborhood group in the past 12 months to improve conditions of your neighborhood.
  • 40% of Genesee County residents agree that their neighborhood is clean.


Organize cleanup projects for your neighborhood and parks.

Communicate unusual behavior in your neighborhood to a neighborhood Crime Watch or to neighbors.

Participate in neighborhood activities, such as exercising together or volunteer with local community organizations.

Recycle aluminum cans, paper and cardboard, glass, plastics, and any batteries and electronics.

Attend local events to build relationships with your neighbors.


City of Flint, Blue Badge Patrol Volunteer Corps:

The Genesee County Community Action Resource Department:

Keep Genesee County Beautiful, Community Cleanups:

Genesee County Land Bank:

Genesee County Recycling Centers:

Neighborhood Block Clubs:

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