Health Brief No. 28: Relationships and Emotional Well-being (March 2013)

Did you know that staying in touch with your friends and family can help keep you healthy? Making time each week to talk with your family members can help reduce stress. Talking with close friends also helps you stay stress free.1 Staying stress free can help keep you healthy. Strong relationships are important to your health and happiness.2 Most people are happiest on days when they socialize for 6-7 hours.3 Connecting with friends, neighbors, family members, and loved ones may improve your health.

The Speak To Your Health! Community Survey is a resource that provides information about relationships and emotional health in Genesee County. The results of the 2011 survey found that:

  • Only 34% of Genesee County residents feel closely connected or involved in their community. 45% feel connected or involved with a religious organization.
  • Of Genesee County residents, 76% feel they receive emotional support and practical help from relatives. 73% feel they receive emotional support from friends.
  • Similarly, 81% of Genesee County residents feel they provide emotional support and practical help to their relatives. 78% feel the provide support and help to their friends.
  • Additionally, 83% of Genesee County residents have close and warm relationships with their sexual partners.
  • However, 46% of Genesee County residents have feelings of loneliness sometimes or frequently. 50% of Genesee county residents feel blue or sad sometimes or frequently.


  • Make time to spend with your friends and family.
  • Spend time socializing while you eat your meals.
  • Call a friend or family member that you have not talked to in a while.
  • Communicate your emotions to your loved ones.
  • Build your relationships with neighbors.
  • Participate in community activities.
  • Volunteer with local community organizations.
  • Try to find balance in your daily life.
  • Make time to do something for yourself.
  • Check with your employer for programs.

Resource Genesee  (810) 767-0500
Genesee County Health Department (810) 257-3612
Genesee Intermediate School District (810) 591-4400
Crim Fitness Foundation (810) 235-3396
CDC Community Health Resources
Genesee County Community Mental Health (810) 257-3740
The Disability Network (810) 742-1800
Lutheran Child & Family Services (810) 257-3612
Catholic Charities – Flint (810) 232-9950

1Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Surgeon General. (2013). Mental and emotional well-being.
2Rodriguez, D. (2009). Happiness and emotional well-being.
3Harter, J., & Arora, R. (2008). Social time crucial to daily emotional wellbeing in U.S.


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