Health Brief No. 27: Community Participation and Your Health (February 2013)

Did you know that where you live can affect your health and well-being? The parks, sidewalks, buildings, and schools in your community can affect how healthy you are. 1 Your friendships and relationships with your neighbors help you stay healthy.1 Participating in events in your neighborhood also helps keep you healthy.2, 3 The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to get engaged in your community. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Doing so will benefit everyone involved and lead to a healthier future.

The Speak To Your Health! Community Survey is a resource that provides information about participating in the community and associated health outcomes in Genesee County. The results of the 2011 survey found that:

  • 65% of Genesee County residents believe that people in their neighborhood are willing to help their neighbors.
  • 19% of Genesee County households participated in a clean-up project or community garden to improve their neighborhood within the last year.
  • 32% of Genesee County households volunteered at a local school to improve neighborhood conditions in the past year.
  • 14% of Genesee County households participated in a meeting for neighborhood improvement within the past year.
  • 26% of Genesee County households reported taking action to resolve a neighborhood problem during the past year.


  • Make time to talk with your neighbors.
  • Participate in community activities.
  • Volunteer at a local event or with a local organization.
  • Help plan a neighborhood event or activity.
  • Ask your friends and neighbors their opinions on local events or resources.
  • Share your knowledge and skills with other community members.
  • Ask your friends or family to participate in an activity with you.
  • Check with your local school or church for opportunities to volunteer!

Resource Genesee (810) 767-0500
Genesee County LandBank – Clean & Green (734) 647-0219
Genesee County Health Department (810) 257-3612
Genesee County Community Action Resource (810) 232-2185
Crim Fitness Foundation (810) 235-3396
Genesee County Parks Volunteering (810) 736-7100
Neighborhood Roundtable
(810) 210-8357

1Healthy People 2020. (2012). Social determinants of health.
2NHS: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). (2008). Community engagement to improve health.
3Cupal, S. M., & Jonker, N. (2009). Creating community change: Organizing for community-led, fundamental health improvement. pp.21-28.


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